Google Glass News Roundup - 8/4

I've become a Google Glass News junkie since becoming an Explorer on July 17th. The more I learn about what other Explorers are doing, the more excited I get about potential applications of the revolutionary device. 

I thought I'd start sharing some of the most interesting Google Glass news I come across while I'm exploring. July was an imaginative month for Glass. Let's check it out. 

Controlling Your Home with Google Glass

Do you want to control your home appliances such as lighting, music, and even your door locks? The folks at Revolv published an eye-opening look at how Glass could usher in a new era of interfacing with home electronics. Goodbye, remote control. 

Is Google Glass the Future of Hobby Electronics?

These Glass Explorers created an application that allowed them to control their Quadcopter using their Google Glass and head gestures. It's exciting and a little scary to think of what this kind of technology could mean for video games, hobby electronics, or even the Department of Defense.

Accelerating the Pace of Content Added to the Web

From personal experience, I can say that Google Glass will cause the rate of pictures and videos added to the web to increase even more than has today. There is very little friction to capturing intimate, in-the-moment photos and short clips that are actually quite share-worthy and more engaging than many of my typical updates to Google+ or Twitter.

I wouldn't have taken nearly as many quality photos as I did on my recent trip to my brother's wedding in Hawaii if I didn't have Google Glass. And they don't look all that bad despite a simple 5 MP lens that captures 720p video. 

The only downside to using Glass as a camera is the potential it has to freak people out even when you're not filming. I find it's best to ask permission from people before taking a picture or video and to reassure anyone concerned about privacy by explaining that you must either issue a voice command or use a tap gesture on the Glass touchpad or camera button.

Should Google Glass be Banned on the Roads? 

Google Glass on the road is yet another part of the controversy that comes with being a new technology. The UK banned using Google Glass in the car in July before even being released. Meanwhile, one tech blogger argues that using Google Glass to take and send calls and for turn-by-turn directions in the car is actually a lot safer than commonly-accepted alternatives, and that they  may even lead to life-saving Glass features that utilize a yet-to-be-leveraged eye-facing sensor to alert drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. Do you think Google Glass should be banned behind the wheel or do you think they'll make the roads more safe?

Did I miss any big Google Glass news or developments? Add them to our round-up in the comments!