Help Give Educators What They Need Now More Than Ever: Education

Click to vote for my session.

Click to vote for my session.

Education is generally seen as a path to a better life. And yet, higher education has been in decline in the U.S. in recent years due in part thanks to the prolonged U.S. recession, smaller high school classes and a growing debate on the value of a college degree relative to the investment. Today you can do a small part in reversing this trend by sending me to SXSWedu with your vote for my session ideaLeveraging Big Data to Fuel Big Enrollment Growth.

My session idea is simple. Colleges are sitting on a trove of data that will help them attract new students, retain the ones they have and provide life-advancing outcomes for their graduates. I want to share with the SXSWedu audience how to analyze and leverage data to make better decisions so that colleges can fulfill the promises they make to their students. Major examples include:

  • How colleges can leverage qualitative data collection and analysis processes to tell the story of their students' journeys in an attempt to better serve them
  • How to approach organizing and structuring data across multiple information systems, locations and departments so that it can be leveraged in the decision-making process
  • How to use quantitative data to increase the quantity and quality of students in the enrollment pipeline
  • How to use data to determine what institutions can do to grow in the face of shrinking enrollments, endowments, or both

If you think education is important, then visit the SXSWedu PanelPicker page and cast your vote to have me speak. It's free to anyone, takes just a second and is open to anyone with an Internet connection.

If the judges like my session idea and there's enough support, you will have done a small, yet not insignificant part to advance education by giving educators and administrators more of the very thing they dispense.