The Neuromarketing Swiss Army Knife for CRO Testing

Neuromarketing and CRO swiss army knife.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) produces the biggest rush in the world of online/inbound marketing. It's a crazy discipline where best practices mean nothing, your opinions can be exposed in minutes as either brilliant or daft, and only the plain and simple facts prevail at the end of an A/B or multivariate test.

Anyone can look smart with a few successful ideas and tests, but you need an ever-growing list of hypotheses if you're going to have a killer long-term CRO program.

Enter Brainfluence, by Roger Dooley, a practical guide and book about the increasingly popular field of marketing known as neuromarketing. Brainfluence is a CRO tester's best friend because it contains 100 neuromarketing facts, tips and studies that are sure to provide you with ideas to fuel hundreds of additional tests.

A CRO's Field Guide to Neuromarketing

I read a lot. Actually, I listen, technically. As someone who doesn't like having inefficiency in my daily schedule--I'm paid to optimize!--I subscribed to last year so I could listen to business books to and from work. Last year alone I drove through nearly 30 books about marketing, neuroscience, and more.

And so when Roger Dooley sent me a hard-copy of Brainfluence to review, it took Audible releasing it in audio format and me actually purchasing it in order to finally be able read it in a way that fits in with my daily schedule.

When you listen to this many books you start to develop more criteria for what makes a book great. Brainfluence is a good book because it's a handy primer for anyone interested in learning more about the world of neuromarketing, the fascinating discipline where we use what we know about how the brain works as a part of our marketing efforts--it's probably the closest thing we have today to a Jedi mind trick.

It's an excellent guide and credible resource to shape your continuing education in the world of neuromarketing, behavioral economics, and the like. 

But what makes Dooley's book truly great is that he's also created a veritable trove of hypotheses and CRO testing ideas that all stem from powerful insights about how our customers' minds work and what compels them to persist in their buying cycle. 

Brainfluence and CRO in Action

To give you an example of why Brainfluence is my new testing "besty," chapter 52 talks about how mirrors have a profound short-term impact on us. Dooley describes how we become more socially conscious when we are reminded of ourselves. Literally, this can mean standing in front of a mirror, and it can range in subtlety to simply asking a prospect to tell you their name. 

Testing Hypothesis: Add hyper-personalized messaging around a social call-to-action and run an A/B test to determine if the mirror principle boosts social media engagement.

There's also a nod to psychologist and author Robert Cialdini, whose book, Influence, is the gold standard in persuasion psychology literature. Amazing ideas for your next CRO test and your next book on neuromarketing make Brainfluence a must-have in your collection.

The CRO's Brainfluence Challenge

Over the months to come, I'm going to make note of all the tests I'm able to perform thanks to Brainfluence, and I hope you decide to do so too. The key to long-term CRO testing success is never running out of insights and ideas to test. While you should have reports and surveys that always inform your testing efforts, Brainfluence can be one more amazing utility in your list of CRO tools and resources. Be sure to let me know if you get a testing idea from the book.