[Recap] Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Case Studies with Brad Geddes


Paid search expert Brad Geddes rocked the house at the MnSearch event on Wednesday with his presentation, Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Case Studies. The fellow Midwesterner and founder of Certified Knowledge talked about campaign structures, bid modifiers, and so much more during the info-packed hour of programming last night at the Day Block Event Center in Minneapolis.

I captured some of the fun and excitement through Google Glass. Here's a clip of the audience right before kicking things off for the night. 

The presentation itself was full of knowledge on bid modifiers, desktop/mobile bidding options, and negative keyword usage, to name a few things. It was very enlightening for even the most seasoned PPC professionals, and Brad presented the content in a way that even this inbound marketer could understand.  

The first question of the night after the presentation came from incoming MnSearch President James Svoboda: "How closely is Google following mobile-preferred options?" Watch this clip for Brad's response:

Apologies that the audio isn't the hottest. I'll sit closer next time.

Next, Brad shared his thoughts on why some mobile devices remain ambiguous and elude targeting logic: 

Thanks again to Brad Geddes for his knowledge and experience. Were you at the event? What was the most interesting thing you learned?